Shows & Workshops

Science Show

Hands-on science show where students participate in activities and demonstrations. Flight, pressure, density, waves, light, sound and electricity are among the topics covered in this interactive learning experience. This show includes multimedia presentation, experimental demonstrations and group participation.
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Rocket Workhop

This workshop aims to raise interest in science by showing students the advantage of working in a team to design the best rocket possible. The students will work in teams to understand the science behind rockets. They will then design, build and launch water rockets to simulate a realistic rocket launch experience.
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Weather Shows

Create lightning, form rainbows, examine climate change and show the destructive power of extreme weather. This show will involve an interactive presentation covering principles such as atmospheric pressure, convection currents, sound, optics and electromagnetism. The show covers areas in science and geography.
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Electromagnetism Workshop

In this interactive workshop participants will explore electromagnetism from static electricity to modern day technology. Working in teams, students will develop basic engineering skills to design devices such as simple electric motors. Participants will discover the connection between electricity and magnetism and understand how they have changed our world for the better and play a role in many of the devices we use everyday.
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