Glossary Y

Yagi Aerial
Is a sharply directional aerial, the
more rods or ‘elements’ it has, the better it can pick up the
TV signal. A ‘Yagi’ aerial with between 10 and 18 elements is
usually enough for good reception.
Youngs Modulus of elasticity
Is the ratio of longitudinal stress
and strain, named after British physicist Thomas Young. [more]
Youngs Experiment (double-slit experiment)
A double-slit experiment consists of letting light diffract
through two slits producing fringes on a screen. These
fringes or interference patterns have light and dark
regions corresponding to where the light waves have
constructively and destructively interfered. The
experiment can also be performed with a beam of electrons
or atoms, showing similar interference patterns; this is
taken as evidence of the “wave-particle duality” explained
by quantum physics. [more]
Yield Point (Elastic Limit)
Maximum stress that can be applied before
an object is permentantly deformed.
YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet)
A widely used solid-state crystal which is composed of yttrium
and aluminum oxides which is doped with a small amount of
the rare-earth neodymium. Used to produce powerful laser
Nd:YAG neodymium YAG lasers.

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