What is Temperature?
We define “Temperature as the measure of the Hotness of an object”.

But what is Hotness?
After checking several dictionaries and encyclopedias we still had trouble finding something that suited. So we decided to take the idea involving different situations that you can either think about or try out, to see if our explanation makes sense. When you place your hand near a stove, you know it’s hot. When you go into the sea on a summer holiday you know that the water is cold. As humans, we’re not good devices for measuring temperature, for example, when two people are in the same room, one can think it is hot and the other can think it is cold!

Try this at school or home. Get three glasses, fill one with water and ice, the other with normal water and the last with warm water (WARNING: not boiling water). Place one finger in the cold water and another in the warm water, then move place your fingers into the middle glass, which is at room temperature. You will find it hard to judge which glass is hot and which is cold.
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